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Loyalty Card

Each card will be entitled to a loyalty discount of 5% from the fifth run and buy a product tribute to tenth .

Click on and enter your data with the subject: "Loyalty Card".

Taste our products! Get 10% discount on first purchase, combined with the promotion of loyalty card that you can get a discount of 15% from the fifth purchase this product tribute to the tenth, choose your taste 

You can certainly appreciate a gift or start choosing now your Christmas basket, get 10% discount on every basket purchased by December 1, choose your baskets promotion

Discover moisturizing and softening properties of our organic olive oil soaps and organic olive oil and bergamot. You'll get a discount of 20% on your first purchasetest the outstanding quality of the product, try it now     

Special promotions will be carried out during events, fairs and other events. Follow the section "Events" to find out when we get closer to you!